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15 September 2009


So, it has been a while since I posted anything. The reason for this is not lack of cooking, I have been doing plenty of that. But, I have been very disillusioned about not being able to photograph my meals. I have become so accustomed to taking photos that I do not like how the blog looks without them.

As a result I have not felt inspired to type up my recipes. I've also been a bit time poor lately, but I am determined to put up some new recipes in the next week and also make some dishes again so I can photograph them.

We are almost ready to buy another camera. I think I have decided on which one we want and I hope to buy it shortly.

In the meantime, more as a reminder to me as to what I need to try to re-cook, here are some menu plans I put together recently.

Sunny Sunday Lunch

We had such a lovely afternoon with Renee and Todd. Yet again we were able to enjoy our little backyard. I am coming to love nothing more than sitting outside sharing a meal with family and friends.

The menu I created was as follows.

Roman gnocchi (this is one of my favourite ever dishes)
Grilled chicken with lemon and parsley sauce
White bean with prosciutto and sage
(We also had the chocolate tarts I made when Alana and Ben came over)

Father's Day Feast

Each year Mark and I normally entertain our parents, my sister, my grandparents and my aunt and uncle at our place on Mother's Day. This Mother's Day we were in the midst of moving, so we were not able to entertain. Instead, we decided to celebrate Father's Day. And it was a stunning day. I was thrilled with the food, and yet again our backyard was greatly enjoyed.

Here was the menu.

To start:
Prawns spiced with cumin, coriander, lemon myrtle and mountain pepperberry leaf

As a main:
Herbie's Native Lemon Pepper chicken
Roast beef
Thyme potato bake
Beans with lemon and pistachio dressing
Tomato and avocado salsa
Rocket and balsamic salad

And for dessert:

Caramel slice as seen in the current issue of Donna Hay magazine

I look forward to posting these soon!