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02 June 2009

Bit of a tease...

I know, I have been slack lately in posting recipes. Our new house is still a shambles, but the carpet is going in today, the painting should be finished by the weekend, and the internet came back on yesterday! So, really, I should be back posting recipes regularly again very soon.

Here is a menu I will (hopefully) post over the long weekend...


Marinated feta
White bean, sumac, parsley and olive dip
Spiced kidney bean and lime dip

Main meal

Slow roasted lamb cooked with spiced butter (and maybe topped with feta and pomegranate to make it pretty)
Crispy skin chicken with spiced butter (to match the lamb)
Potatoes tossed with mustard seeds, chives and butter
Pistachio, avocado, spring onion, spinach and lime salad
Baby carrots sautéed in honey and spices
Beans with pistachio gremolata


Chocolate and raspberry cupcakes with ganache icing
Brown sugar butterfly cakes with raspberry cream