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13 April 2009

Easter Saturday Extravaganza

This time we entertained friends Scott and Amber. Normally when Scott and Amber come for dinner (which is quite regularly) it is a last minute affair. This time we knew in advance, so I wanted it to be more formal.

On the menu was:

- Gnocchi with Prosciutto, Sage and Caper Sauce
- Thyme and Rosemary Lamb served with Roasted Vegetables, Salsa Verde and Red Wine Sauce
- New York Cheesecake

This menu allowed much to be prepared in advance, which in turn allowed me to relax with our friends. To prepare, I prepared the following in advance (and remember, the salse verde had been prepared the day before as part of the Good Friday Feast).

1. Made the gnocchi and stored it in the fridge until ready to cook.
2. Made the red wine sauce (it was prepared until just before the point where the additional butter is added).
3. Marinated the lamb.
4. Peeled the potatoes and stored them in cold water until ready to cut.
5. Washed and drained the capers.
6. Cooked the cheesecake (this was done the say before actually).

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